NLP Parenting

The modules on NLP Parenting will help you discover how you can use NLP within your family, both with children or your partner/spouse. You will learn simple and yet very powerful NLP processes that will enable you to be more effective in achieving personal and family goals, be more effective in your communication, help overcome misunderstanding and unhappiness at home. It will motivate you and create more choices in handling day-to-day communication.

In today’s competitive and fast evolving environment both parents need to go to work. Thus, we need the right tools to ensure our family in is tact and our children need to be guided and facilitated with the right communication. The time we spend with our children is limited and we need to learn the effective ways of communication and how we structure our beliefs, expectations, and our behaviour towards our children.

Mindful Parenting

How to love yourself as a parent
Love yourself like you love your children. We deserve to be loved from the inside out. It starts with us. We’re so good at it.
How to communicate with your kids
Let your child finish talking and then respond,Use language and ideas that your child will understand, Make any instructions and requests simple and clear to match your child’s age and ability
How to manage mental health
An important part of keeping fit and healthy is to take care of your own mental health. There are plenty of things you can do to help make sure you keep yourself mentally healthy.
How to be emotionally intelligent
We probably know people, either at work or in our personal lives who are really good listeners. No matter what kind of situation we’re in, they always seem to know just what to say.
How to think outside the box
It seems that everyone is obsessed with thinking outside the box. However, if the concept is well worn, why is the practice so uncommon in our companies today
How to show gratitude on a daily basis
Of all existing psychological and mental maladies, anxiety disorders are the most common. Dealing with anxiety can be challenging but there are many effective ways to cope with it. A combination of a activities can works for you
What you will learn