About Us

Awan Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd(SSM No.1300156V) was founded on 18th October 2018 to conduct trainings and consultation work. It is founded by our Lead trainer and facilitator Dr. Nawar Mani Ramachandran a Parenting and Life Coach with close to four decades of early childhood and training experiences. She also leads Awan Group of Companies which has Kindergartens, Franchised Language Centres and Speech Therapy Centre.

The Story of Our Founder


Dr. Nawar Mani Ramachandran is an International NLP Master Practitioner, Master Coach, HRDF certified Trainer & Consultant, Early Childhood Educationist, Entrepreneur and Author. Besides being a Master Practitioner of ABNLP ( American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) she is also a mother of 4 grown up children, 2 grand daughters and has spent more than three decades in early childhood development. She has counselled many parents who had challenges with their children and parenting throughout.

She has represented Malaysia (as an ECE delegate) to present papers on Early Childhood Education for the British High Commission in Malaysia. She has presented papers for the undergraduate students of University Pendidikan Sultan Idris on Early Childhood Careers and Perspectives. She has also done some entrepreneur development programs for single parents and young ladies.

​She provides Training for Kindergarten and Childcare teachers throughout Malaysia both in Private and Government sectors besides training future trainers. She is also a consultant for Special Education centers like Taarana and a consultant for Kindergarten and Childcare centers in Malaysia.

Nawa is also a dedicated contributor to professional bodies like IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors), ACEI (Association of Childhood Education International), The Kindergarten Association of Malaysia and the Registered Childcare Association of Malaysia.

She has dedicated more than three decades of her life to the betterment of early childhood education and continues to contribute to society. She trains and counsels teachers and parents and helps Governmental bodies to draft policy guidelines. She has developed modules on NLP Coaching for parents, teachers & children.