By Dr. Nawar Mani Ramachandran / 29th Sept 2021 / Uncategorised

Every parent wants their children to excel. 

What else? But the moment we tell them 

“ Take your book and study”, 

“ Have you done your revision?”, 

“ Did you do the homework?” – – These statements from both parents will sound like an annoying or demanding statement for the kids. Right? Who likes it anyway? 

Let’s find out the BEST way to put it. 

Instead of pushing them to perform and get Straight ‘A’s perhaps we can focus on cultivating positive habits and shaping the desired attitude.

Parenting in this NEW WORLD.. With so many advanced technologies.. It’s not kidding. I salute all those who are still managing to keep up.

But, Is there any Quick Fix to this? 

Every parent out there is googling, checking with their colleagues, friends and finding on social media for HOW TO’s?

Let me highlight one idea today without putting any pressure on the kids.

#1. Let them BE. Let GO, and Let Live.

Yes. We are all conditioned by the way we were brought up. Unconsciously, we are being the parents we were parented by. 

The child is not owned by us. We were the people incharge to bring them to this earth. 

We should allow them to be what they want to be. 

We guide them, we facilitate them on what they aspire to be. That will make the entire parenting easier. 

Start talking to them on what they want to be. Not telling them what they should be. The moment the kid tells you what he/she wants to be a designer, an influencer or a doctor… Then your role is to guide to achieve that. 

For an example, If your child says he wants to be a singer or dancer.. Your role will let him know the criterias to be that. So let’s see how to achieve that. Along the way in explaining that he/she will know that he cannot sing, or he cannot learn the things related to singing, he will decide to do something else. But remember, you do not have to pressure him to sing or learn to sing as that is what he wanted. So by guiding, they will know you are not pressuring. 

While we guide them, we can emphasise the need to learn how to read and write to become a singer. It works with all fields as well. We were all brought up with the  mindset of if you don’t learn or go to school you will end up as a cleaner or dishwashing person. Today’s children will turn around and ask you what is wrong with that profession? 

This tip is just a start for your wonderful journey of parenting. Have fun in parenting!